The butcher’s best-kept secret is no longer safe, thanks to Silver Fern Farms.

It’s been kept on the down-low in recent years by butchers, butlers and chefs the world over; the cut for only those in-the-know. To some it’s the Butler’s Steak, to others the Oyster Blade Steak, and many call it the Flat-Iron Steak. Whatever the name, this unique cut of meat has been a delicious secret for far too long.

The succulent Flat-Iron Steak is the latest addition to the Silver Fern Farms premium aged beef range. Meat experts have revitalised the cut using new butchering and preparation methods, taking this under-appreciated cut to new
heights of eating quality.

It may not be the prettiest looking piece of meat (it has an unusual square shape thanks to its unique preparation) but the new Flat-Iron Steak from Silver Fern Farms stacks up against the best of the best when it comes to taste and tenderness.

Silver Fern Farms General Manager Marketing, Sharon Angus, is expecting big things from the latest addition to the range – affectionately known as the ugly steak – forecasting it will become a firm favourite of New Zealand foodies.

“The Flat-Iron Steak is a unique cut that is experiencing a rising trend in the US and is becoming increasingly popular with chefs and afficionados. Kiwi culinary enthusiasts have long been recognised for their creativity, so we wanted to
ensure our passionate home cooks remain ahead of the curve by having access to this meat-of-the-moment,” she said.

As with all of the Silver Fern Farms aged beef range, this new cut has been through the rigorous Eating Quality System®. The Eating Quality System® guarantees consistency for consumers, and ensures the product meets the
highest standards of taste, tenderness and juiciness, for an exceptional eating
experience every time.

With only four out of every 100 animals graded through the Eating Quality System® making it into Silver Fern Farms aged beef range, their reinvention of the Flat-Iron Steak is all the more remarkable. A typically average, slow-cook-only steak has been transformed into something sensational: a grilling steak that boasts their coveted A+ eating score and ranks second only to the beef tenderloin in the system. The Flat-Iron Steak is aged for at least 21 days in conditions ideal for the natural development of flavour and to maximise tenderness, and proudly bears two ticks from the New Zealand Heart Foundation.

To create the Eating Quality System®, consumer taste tests were carried out in New Zealand and the United States on over 97,000 samples of beef by 13,900 consumers to determine the factors affecting eating quality. The research was carried out by a team of 38 scientists from Otago University and Texas Tech University in the US. The grading system has been developed using a scientific process to determine taste preferences and then matching these results with animal data to guarantee consumers premium quality red meat. This work has been made possible as part of Government’s Primary Growth Partnership and FarmIQ.

The new cut is ideal for small families and singles alike. In a handy 220g pack size with an accessible price tag, Silver Fern Farms are making premium steak accessible every day of the week. At an RRP of $12.95 for two steaks, the new Flat-Iron is both tender on the palate and on the wallet!

This tasty and quick-cooking steak is versatile; whether it’s lightly spiced, thinly sliced and tossed through a salad, wrapped in fresh bread and enjoyed as a sammie, or simply seasoned and thrown on the BBQ. This unique cut is a must try for any kiwi foodie.

The secret’s out and Silver Fern Farms Beef Flat-Iron Steaks are available in stockists nationwide.