We believe the quality and food safety standards we have developed are the cornerstone of our position as a leading supplier of meat and added-value products to global markets.

Our processes are tested rigorously and are audited to ensure we meet the highest standards.

Silver Fern Farms’ Quality Management System covers all aspects of our operations and is designed to provide the systems and controls needed to consistently deliver high quality products and satisfy legal requirements in the countries to which we export.

These include:

  • Commitment and adherence to quality management standards by management and staff
  • Reviews of performance
  • Focus on continual improvement 
  • Applying the principles of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) to analyse operations
  • Ensuring each processing step focuses on food safety

Testing to Ensure Quality and Food Safety

We test all of our food in line with New Zealand law and go above and beyond legislation.

Our sheep, cattle, and deer processing plants are tested in line with the Ministry for Primary Industries’ National Microbiological Database system, a world leading system with a rigid approach to standardise the sampling and testing of New Zealand red meat products. Our plants’ individual results are held and monitored on a government database.

Third Party Audits

All of our plants are accredited to the British Retail Consortium Global Food Safety Standard. This requires testing by independent auditors against this standard in order to keep accreditation. Additionally, our sites are audited by our global customers against their processing standards for food safety and quality, as well as animal welfare.

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