The Five Freedoms

We uphold New Zealand’s high standards for animal welfare across our business. These standards are set in legal regulations defined by the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) Codes of Practice – these codes form part of the Animal Welfare Act and are available here.

All Silver Fern Farms’ farmers are expected to apply these standards on their farms. We promote their understanding through our Farm Assurance Programme.

The guiding principles for the health and welfare of livestock in New Zealand are the five basic freedoms:

  1. Freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition
  2. The provision of appropriate comfort and shelter
  3. The prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment of injury, disease or infection
  4. Freedom from distress
  5. The ability to display normal patterns of behaviour

Animal Transport Code

Transporting stock with care is critical to us. To ensure our chain of care covers the way animals are transported to our plants we adhere to the Animal Welfare (Transport within New Zealand) Code of Welfare 2011. Learn more about the transport code here.

Customer Audits and Independent Verification

Our business is regularly audited by our customers and industry bodies to verify that we meet their exacting requirements. Ongoing verification of all operations on sites ensures the high-quality manufacturing practices outlined in our Quality Management System are maintained. These audits cover cleaning and sanitation programmes, hygienic processing, animal handling processes and strict product temperature control.