On The Farm

Farm Assurance – Land management

We require our Farm Assured suppliers to include records of all their land based operations in their farm records. The records are independently audited and must contain details on cultivation, spraying, fertiliser application and pasture conservation activities.

Land and Environment Plans

To assist farmers with how they sustainably manage their land we encourage the use of Beef + Lamb New Zealand's Land and Environment Planning Toolkit. This toolkit helps farmers understand the land and environmental issues on their farms and make a plan to manage them. It starts with a comprehensive assessment of the impact of farming activities on land, soil and water resources and then guides farmers through the process of creating a structured environmental management plan. For more information on LEP plans visit: www.beeflambnz.com

NZ Government Environmental Legislation

New Zealand is renowned internationally for producing food to the highest levels of environmental sustainability. Our reputation is backed by comprehensive legislation at a national and regional government level. For more information on environmental governance visit: www.mfe.govt.nz

Silver Fern Farms’ On-Farm Environmental Initiatives

We set an example on our own farms such as the wetland areas developed at our Takapau and Paeroa plants with support from local iwi, community groups and councils.

Our Waitotara plant received an environmental award in 2014 from the Taranaki Regional Council for Environmental Leadership in Business. The Award was recognition for the care taken in managing treated plant wastewater.
We also provide support to pilot farms through our Red Meat Profit Partnership programme. Every farm in this programme will complete the Land and Environment Plan to Level 2 and they will have an active Health & Safety plan. These farmers will help demonstrate that sustainable farming is practical and achievable, as well as rewarding and profitable.

At Our Plants

Waste Management

We are constantly monitoring environmental conditions and make a substantial investment in an ongoing waste management programme. We have a number of sites that irrigate to land, returning nutrients to the soil and increasing farm productivity. At Finegand, a wastewater treatment plant has been installed, with the sludge produced then mixed with wood waste and burnt in a bio-fuel boiler which reduces coal use for steam production – an industry first.

Energy Efficiency

We are also working with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) to achieve annual energy saving targets in our plants of more than 13 gigawatt hours (GWh), and to deliver ongoing cost savings of $700,000 to the company within two years. 

Through the Supply Chain

Carbon Footprint

Lessening the impact of how we work matters to us. We have invested in industry research to assess our carbon footprint through the supply chain from plate back to pasture. Since 1990 productivity gains have reduced the carbon footprint of New Zealand beef and lamb by 17%. To read more about the research into the life cycle analysis of New Zealand Lamb visit: www.agresearch.co.nz