Rob Hewett and Fiona Hancox have been elected to the Silver Fern Farms’ Board of Directors.

The results of the election which closed at 3.00pm on Friday, 13 February 2015 were:

  • Rob Hewett: 41,437,912
  • Fiona Hancox: 25,241,163
  • Herstall Ulrich: 20,695,485

The total weighted vote represents 68.10% of total shares, and is up from the 61.76% turnout in the previous election in December 2013.

The voter return percentage was 30.86% of eligible shareholders. This is up 4.1% on the 2013 return of 26.76%.

Votes were received from 1,500 eligible voters from a total of 4,860 eligible voters. To become eligible shareholders needed to meet requirements that included supplying a minimum level of stock for processing over the past two seasons.