Our Brand Values

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Our brand values are simple, honest principles that we think are shared by those who truly love food, and appreciate what it takes to produce the best.


From the purest of sources

Food is a reflection of where it comes from; so we
source the best, most authentic ingredients
possible, and share more about the place and
people behind the products.


We know to keep things
as nature intended

Making the most of what nature gives us, looking after its goodness, working with it to keep things as simple as can be. We recognise that the very best things are natural, and take no shortcuts in preserving those qualities.


We are mindful of doing things
the right way

With deep care and respect for what we have, you do right by land, by animals and by people – so that they will do right by you. We act with a deep sense of responsibility to the place and people that make it possible to achieve our very best.

With skill
and expertise

Applying our expertise at every step
from plate to pasture

Mastering our craft, choosing to work with the best people to push ourselves further. Working hard to bring new ideas to life, finding new ways to do things better and achieve more.


To deliver consistency and the very
best eating quality every time

We make the tough choices every step of the way so that only the very best is chosen and shared.