The Silver Fern Farms Eating Quality (EQ) System® is a science-backed grading process, which for the first time, allows us to guarantee you a better beef eating experience.

Our Eating Quality System® rates beef on seven scientific criteria proven to contribute to the eating quality of red meat. It stands behind our Master Graders’ promise of beef that consistently meets the highest standards of taste, tenderness and juiciness.

Cuts are hand-selected by an Accredited Master Grader, and are then aged with care for at least 21 days. Our new Aged Beef range is proof that only the best beef makes the cut. Each product carries an EQ Master Grade – the new mark of Eating Quality.


Because not all red meat is created EQual.

Here at Silver Fern Farms, we think of you and your needs first; then we work with our farmers to produce quality products that meet your needs.

Food lovers expect consistent quality from red meat so we go to great lengths, using our knowledge, and passion for food, to guarantee great eating experiences.

Being able to guarantee a better eating experience is important to our vision – Inspirational food created by passionate people.

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Positive feedback on the exceptional quality of our beef since the Eating Quality System was launched is a testament to the consistent quality of our retail product – all of which must meet the Eating Quality System grade.

Here are some of things you’re telling us at food shows:

“It really does taste like a best cut”

“I love the work that has gone into the meat. Silver Fern Farms are very dedicated”

“This really is so tasty”

“Beef is always my number one choice for Silver Fern Farms”

“This is what beef is supposed to taste like”

"Silver Fern Farms (beef) is the best meat in the supermarket”



First, we had to test taste preferences from people eating our red meat.
Taste tests were carried out in New Zealand and the United States on over 97,000 samples of beef by 13,900 food lovers to determine the factors affecting eating quality. The scale and depth of the taste testing process carried out under the EQ programme is unprecedented in the New Zealand market.

This innovative process was planned and carried out over a two year period by Silver Fern Farms and scientists from Texas Tech University in the United States, Otago University in New Zealand and by other international experts in food research.

Step 2:

Taste preferences were matched to animal data
The data collected has been used to create a powerful computer database which compares taste preferences from consumers with data from beef animals.

Step 3:

Carcases are graded using the new EQ Master Grade System
When information on individual carcase attributes is collected by our Silver Fern Farms EQ Accredited Master Grader the data is analysed against taste preferences and animal data to give each carcase an Eating Quality (EQ) Master Grade.