Finalist, Premier Selection Awards 2014

Sam Clark is one of New Zealand’s youngest and most innovative head chefs. Earning top spot in the Cable Bay kitchen at just 25 is proof that his combined passion, skill and determination have created an unstoppable force within New Zealand cuisine.

The Silver Fern Farms lamb range offers us the best cuts available on the market. Great quality products enable us to give our customers the best quality dish. As we focus on creating bolder flavours, the meat is the centrepiece of our dishes and needs to be up to the challenge.

Sam's biggest career influence was working under Will Thorpe in the Cable Bay kitchen, where he acquired modern classical techniques and learnt to harness big bold flavours. The Cable Bay philosophy of using the finest fresh and seasonal ingredients has become an integral part of Sam’s cuisine, which he uses to masterfully reflect the best of New Zealand and Waiheke.

Sam’s love affair with food began during his first job at Vinnies in Raglan. His mentor, Colin Chung inspired Sam enough to leave school to work for him for two years, where he thrived on the casual and fun approach to food, incorporating home-grown and locally sourced ingredients.