Recognising farmers for consumer focus

Since 2014 the Plate to Pasture Awards have recognised the excellence of farmers who consistently supply quality stock to meet consumers’ needs.

Each year the country’s top 250 suppliers of lamb, prime beef, deer, dairy stock, and bull beef are invited to five regional awards events. Each of these events includes the chance to visit a local plant, hear from directors and management and enjoy a meal which celebrates their excellence.

To find our top suppliers we look at data we collect through our processing of stock. The criteria considers livestock and farm data covering: Stock specification and presentation, direct supply and commitment of supply, Farm Assurance eligibility, supplier shareholding, supply volume and timing.

The five regional winners are then visited by a panel to assess how they manage their businesses to meet consumers’ needs to determine the national Plate to Pasture Award winner.

Plate to Pasture Award Winners

Pictured left are Chris and Ann-Marie Allen, winners of the 2016 Plate to Pasture awards. In the centre with chairman, Rob Hewett, is Waikato bull beef farmer, Neil Aicken, the winner of the 2015 Plate to Pasture awards. Pictured on the right, William and Karen Oliver, who were the inaugural winners of the 2014 Plate to Pasture awards, and run their own sheep, cattle, and deer farm in the King Country, Waikato.


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