Backbone® Partnership Programmes

Our supply options are designed to make supplying Silver Fern Farms with high quality stock easy. By driving up the value chain with high quality livestock we can better reward our farmer shareholders and suppliers.

Our supply options cover beef producers, lamb producers, venison producers and suppliers of dairy cattle, bobby calves and goats.

Changes to the Backbone® supply options and benefits for Silver Fern Farms Co-operative shareholder-suppliers come following feedback received from farmer partners across the country during discussions held at meetings and from the online farmer survey. These changes should make working with Silver Fern Farms easier, strengthen the connection with the end consumer, and better reward if you have invested in shares.

We have a range of product supply programmes that we offer to global customers at the premium end of the market.

Aligning supply of in-spec stock with customer orders at the right time is how we make our integrated system work to create value in the market.

You can read our Standard Terms of Trade here:

Silver Fern Farms PPP Standard Terms

Silver Fern Farms Standard Terms Beef & Bobby Calves

Silver Fern Farms Standard Terms Sheep & Goat

Silver Fern Farms Standard Terms Deer

Silver Fern Farms Backbone Standard Terms Beef & Bobby Calves

Silver Fern Farms Backbone Standard Terms Sheep & Goat

Silver Fern Farms Backbone Standard Terms Deer

Full requirements and terms and conditions for the following Silver Fern Farms Special Programmes are contained in the registration for each programme.

For more information on becoming a Silver Fern Farms Co-operative Shareholder, supply options, Backbone® contract terms and conditions, full details on stock eligibility criteria and the availability of our Backbone® programmes, please contact your Silver Fern Farms Livestock Representative - 0800 362 362.