Strong companies are grounded
in a foundation of good

Silver Fern Farms Limited is a 50:50 partnership between Silver Fern Farms Co-operative and Shanghai Maling.

Our governance policies are regularly reviewed to make sure they are consistent with best practice, ensuring our future as a world-leading food company.

Our Board of Directors

Our Directors are responsible for our company’s corporate governance and strategic direction. 

The Board is made up of 5 directors from Silver Fern Farms Co-operative and 5 directors from Shanghai Maling, two of whom are New Zealand residents.

Our Leadership Team

The role of our Leadership Team is to clearly define and champion our strategic direction and inspire people within the business to deliver on it. Our Leadership Team is made up of a talented and dynamic group of individuals that bring a wealth of complementary experience to their roles and an intimate knowledge of their specialist areas to spur the business forward. 

They love their jobs and are driven and passionate about living up to our brand’s promise of delivering the world’s best red meat experiences.

Company Constitution

The Constitution of Silver Fern Farms was adopted by special resolution on 30 July 2009.

Download company constitution

Director Election Policy

The Election Policy and the Governance Capability model have been developed specifically for Silver Fern Farms Co-operative, and has been approved by the Silver Fern Farms Co-operative Board of Directors.

The model is an appendix to the Election Policy. It establishes 6 important areas of capability that should be represented across the elected and independent directors to ensure a strong foundation for highly effective governance.


Burnside Hart Co-Operative Education Trust 

Recognising achievement and investing in the future of our farmers and farm leaders is important to us. In 2008 we helped to establish the Burnside Hart Co-operative Education Trust to advance education and leadership training to those seeking to enhance their skills for the benefit of New Zealand’s primary sector.


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